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Monday, January 31, 2011


My DOWNLOADABLE VIDEO BUNDELS are finally here. Bundle 1 is a compilation of all my youtube videos from the start of the channel through to mid-January (including over 20 videos that are no longer public) ALL EDITED INTO ONE and 15 mins long. BUNDLE 2 is over 9 mins long and it includes all my 'VEINY" videos and 4 extra minutes of never-seen-before footage. Unlike my previous private videos, you can DOWNLOAD AND KEEP FOREVER these ones. They are also very cheap, only $15 each for the time being. More info and googlecheckout buttons in my blog http://www.ripped-usa-muscle.blogspot...

15 year old flex HD

im 15 now!!! :P

How to get 6 six pack abs crunches ab home exercise

If you have any questions just ask

V-swipes takes time to get used to they are very difficult at first. In the video it was only my 3rd week doing them and as you can see i was struggling. You can do these anywhere even at home just find something to hang from. They will get you the v line everyone wants.

You also need to eat a lot of protein to build those ab muscles, drink only water, eat less carbs, and cardio will help you burn fat faster. All this will make your abs more bigger and more defined.

Check out my diets on my blog here

Also check out Nick Edge bodyspace he has the best abs i have ever seen the last two workouts are his in the video heres the link

Bodybuilder Kavrga

Nikad bolji i nikad jaci Darko Kavrgic KAVRGA

Dedicated to the romanian bodybuilder and trainer Fritea Sorin (Lobo) HD

Dedicated to the romanian bodybuilder and trainer Fritea Sorin (Lobo) - Videoclip dedicat culturistului si antrenorului de culturism Fritea Sorin (Lobo), Vicecampion National la Culturism 2011 la categoria 85 de kilograme.

18 year old Bodybuilder flexin HD

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Lorenzo 15 years Old and 195 lbs Bodybuilder

Argentinian hunk ,model and Bodybuilder Mario Maydana shirtless Hot Video

Argentinian Hunk Mario Maydana is a Bodybuilder and Model

Bodybuilding Transformation - 15 years old bodybuilder HD

Bodybuilding - Transformation

Egyptian Muscle God: Bodybuilder Tarek Elsetouhi

Make muscles not war

bodybuilder posing (POWER PART 3)

This vid you are about to see is (POWER PART 3) it will be the 3rd & final chapter to my power posing vidz.I hope you will enjoy it as much as i had making it for you.



Hot Sexy Guy visits Hillcrest San Diego, California HD

15 year old after workout (new video)

Here is a new video of me with a better camera. In this video I'm officially 15 unlike in the last one where I was 14.

I'm Sexy alone and want fun no nude

Im bored in st.Louis hit me up if you ladies have iPod touch hit me up with FaceTime u could a show some booty yummy come on love Zack mmm

14 Year Old Bodybuilder 3 HD


Look At My Abs HD

Yes, I realize how creepy & semi-stupid this video is... but would ya just look at my abs? Just look. They are abs.

The Onision site:



Shirtless Piano Show!! MUST WATCH!

Just for entertainment =] subscribe for, favorite and comment on what you think.

14 year old Body-B Flexing

Hey guys please comment rate and subscribe

Teen flexing upperbody HD

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Flexing in wet shirt HD

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Quad Burnout



Jagjit Athwal Promo Video HD

Promo Video created for Jagjit Athwal. Always professional, fun and easy to work with.

Felipe Mattos 18 years old posing

Felipe Mattos 18 years old , teen bodybuilder posing, 60 days for the first competition.
Donation Paypal.

Beginner BodyBuilder Lifts 55KG Bicept

Bodybuilder teen ,18 year old ,won most perfect men award 2007! muscle god!

16 year old natural bodybuilder HD

just a up date : P

Bodybuilder Lucas Martins Posing

Bodybuilder Lucas Martins Posing, 24 years old, 60 days for the first competition.
Donation Paypal.


17 Year Old Bodybuilder Upper Body Flex

Upper body flex, tri's didn't really show to much cause of phone and lighting.

Work-Out Log [Day 1]

Well... lets see how long I can go. If I can keep it up, look for updates once a week.

Day 1 = Pass

Jacked HUGE Ripped 20 year old NATURAL BODYBUILDER!

Hey thanks for the support everyone! I know i have a lot of fans who want to watch full workouts videos and are always asking for tips well i made a NEW Channel just for that! Go check it out BEASTBODYBUILDING! Subscribe and spread the word, most of all thanks for all the support!

Bikini Brief Jock Dominates&GIANT MUSCLE KING returns!!! HD

Worship THE MASTER!!!Enough is Enough!! The votes are in! This is what you wanna see people!!

Dynamic breathholding exercises

Turning breathholdings on full exhalation and full inhalation. Combined with some stretching and flexing, they give excellent sense of body.

Bicep Flexing

hey look, a profile:

Ja'i Return My Flexing mp4

15 N flexing leg muscles 2

2 months progress of my leg development. just started working them. i have worked on my legs for 2 months now and have worked on my upper body for about 4 straight months

15 year old curling and flexing

This is a video of me almost a year ago when I was 15.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Teen Bodybuilder and Fitness Model Anton Mandeville

New update and the 90 day challenge at Gold's Gym I will be participating in after my surgery.

david Natural Bodybuilder

face book

Teen Bodybuilder - Oli Slacke - Off Season Posing

A quick posing update, January 2011. Bulking until April/May this year. Apologies for the poor lighting. Please subscribe!

Music by:

Summer Muscle: Bodybuilder Kevin Perod

Bodybuilder Kevin Perod pumps and poses backstage at the 2009 NPC Branch Warren Bodybuilding Event held July 11 in Conroe, Texas. Kevin won the overall title in the men's open bodybuilding division.

18 y/o Natural Bodybuilding 2


abdiel hernandez

Bob Harper's Inside Out Method - Squat Thrust with Plyometric Jump Challenge

Bob Harper of The Biggest Loser.

Each week Bob deconstructs the basics of fitness training, showing you the proper method, form, and technique to perform the exercises found in Bob Harper Inside Out Method DVD Series. If you're a beginner just starting out, or someone needing a refresher, check out Bob's tips on how to stay motivated, healthy, and get the most out of your workout. All of these moves and more challenges can be found in Bob Harper Inside Out Method DVD Series -- a raw workout with real results.

*Injury disclaimer:
Not all exercises are suitable for everyone and this or any other exercise program may result in injury, To reduce this risk of injury, please consult your doctor before beginning this, or any other, physical fitness program. Any user of this program assumes the full risk of injury resulting from performing the routines presented within this video.

Most Insane Curling Session

You really start to feel the burn after about 3

- remember do 3 sets of these!

coming soon "more insane curling session"

Mysterious Young Muscle Boy

Fit Muscleboy showing off his guns and abs

Claudio 16yo bodybuilder HD

16-year-old bodybuilder Claudio shows his muscles.
Chack out his own channel:

Fine man flexing.

Sexy fine guy flexing

Upper Body Flexing!!! HD

Doing a couple poses before hitting the gym. Weigh around 175lbs in this vid at 6 feet tall. Leanest I have ever been. Goal is to get to 195lbs at around 10% bodyfat.
Feel free to ask any questions too! Please comment/rate and critique. Thanks

16 year old teen bodybuilder flexing HD

My last video for a while until a get bigger so about a couple months or so (hoping to get up to 165; i'm 5'11 145 now) but until then please leave feedback on what I should improve and positive comments to movitvate me.

Flexing HD

This is my first home made video, i stand in a kinda funny angle because the camera is not straight in front of me, Im going upload one more with triceps,biceps. leave a comment if you like to.

Backstage flexing feautring Matt Meten on stage HD

Backstage highlight with Matt Meten on stage posing.

14 year old bodybuilder flexing bicep

Update video of my bicep's size it comes in at around 14.6-14.7 inches I will get to 15 hopefully soon :), I go to the gym alot and will keep seeing results :)

sexy muscle boy senuality and muscle flexing1

Friday, January 28, 2011


me benching 105lbs 18 times

quick video bodybuilder biceps

srry guys i havent worked out in a while so iam rusty, iamma get back to workouts stay tune foh more :)

16 year old bodybuilder [ Abs update ]

An update from last video

Progression video 4. Almost 3 months of training. 15 year old bodybuilder HD

This is just a video after 3 months. I'd like to thank David for letting me use his hd camera:-)

famous Gay Porno start bodybuilder Seth Sweet ,amazing 18 years old muscle god Model Profile Series: Personal Trainer/Bodybuilder DEAN CORREIA w/LUKE HAYDEN
dc training, east haven, ct

16 year old offseason bodybuilder at 193 lb

me at 194lb, im 16 years old 5'10" and ive been training for 1 year and 3 months. adin palencia

Bodybuilding progress

this is just a short video to show my progress of my early stages in bodybuilding, please subscribe, comment and like/disslike

100% Real

me flexing after a hard workout

What Cardio and Push-Ups Can Get You

Here is the result of a year and a half of doing only cardio and push-ups, no extra weight. Nothing exceptional (and don't expect biceps as the video can attest) but I am pleased with the result. Just enough to feel good all day long, every single day. This is a follow-up to my previous video: (almost a week later).


Whhaaaaa your mean McHenry whaaaaaaa You have no traps whaaaaaaa. Fuck off 13 year olds. Go get your anus tickled by your priests. I do not care what you or anyone thinks about me. Boom!

Bicep Workout

I HAVE PRIVATE SHOWS and VIDEOS! Old video of me doing a bicep workout. Please SUBSCRIBE COMMENT AND LIKE. EMAIL: SKYPE: MuscleFlexer1

Flexing As Hard As I Can

TVJP17's webcam video Jan 27, 2011, 02:57 PM

flexing muscle


The Worst Workout Show Ever - Footsy Flexing HD

Yup I know this video has no hot muscle and the boys are not shirtless...but I thought you might enjoy some bodybuilding humor....

You will burn so many (not really) calories by doing these exercises with us.

The HUGE Flexing Muscle Hunks Bonanza

Download the HQ clip here: http://allaboutstrengthblog.blogspot....

High resolution video of me flexing

Since so many of you are loyal fans I thought I would upload a higher quality video. Here is one but there are more on my website thanks for checking it out and supporting my paypal is for those interested in supporting a star athlete. Those interested in my stats here they are : Bench: 405 Squat: 470 Deadlift: 530 Incline BB: 325 DB shoulder press: 110'sx8
5'9'' 212 pounds, 9 percent bodyfat

Before shower 2

I wanna take em off!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

14 Year Old Muscles/ Ripped

Im 14, 5' 5", Weigh 130 lbs.
Max Bench Press 165
10 Rep Max Bench Press 130
95lbs. X 22 Reps
Squat 205
Clean 105

Matt Struve Fitness - Ultimate 6-Pack Abs Exercise HD

The Truth about Six Pack Abs! Click- Lose your Belly Fat!
through above link you will find:
Shocking foods that burn belly fat!
Motivation secrets for lifelong fitness success!
Weird workouts that burn abdominal fat faster than typical "cardio"!

15yo bodybuilder update

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Bodybuilder 16 Years Old Mario kameri

1m84 80 Kg

15 year old bodybuilder pt.2

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KB's UPDATE! Day 3...

Raw footage, no time to edit tonight, sorry guys! still good though!

14 year old bodybuilder

me flexing :)

14yo Teen Bodybuilder Aiden Pulls Car, Bends Pan and Flexes Muscles HD for more video, pics, stats and more. This video has 3 car pulls, bending a frying pan, lifting a trampoline and of course, lots of flexing. Thanks to fan Tom for creating the new into - please LIKE to thank Tom!

16 Year Old With 6-Pack Pt. 2!

Back again with another video of me flexing, figured I would finally throw one up that would hopefully stem the flow of hate comments haha. In this video I'm about 5'8, 140 pounds. My weight still fluctuates between about 130 and 140 though. I played soccer in the fall and am not currently planning on joining any other sports during my senior year in high school (I turn 18 this year). Hope you enjoy! Leave some feedback, positive or negative, as long as its constructive I don't mind =D

Oh, as a post note.. I entered 2 bench press competitions around January/February this year and took first in my weight class (132) both times, with bench presses of 180 and 185. Win! =D

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Chun Wu

Muscle Shirtless Bodybuilding Bodybuilder

How To Build Muscle Fast! Lose Weight Quickly (Brandon Carter)

MUSCLE BUILD NOW I love the tone muscle look...I have a friend who is building muscle fast..We found this product that actually has L-Arginine! which builds your muscles for a buff, refined body. The program to build muscle uses a combination of proprietary ingredients along with a online diet and fitness program that delivers. you can also get a free bottle..check it out here

Tribute to Kevin Levrone

So here it is, i dont know what i think about it. Hope you like it, and that it will be a good motivation.
The video was hard to make, since there werent a lot of good material to choose from. And im sorry about the quality, but thats the quality of the movie i had with Kevin :)

Kevin Levrone, was and is still, a great bodybuilder, you can still follow him on his natural "comeback", on . Hes inspiring and has a lot of good thoughts.

Music: Tool - Ænema

Muscle War 2011 - Harold Quek He Re

chillin at the gym after working out

16 y/o Bodybuider The Beginning

The beginning of 20 y/o bodybuilder Adam Lee


Some deadlifting during back workout. Forgive me my silly screams - I'm into bodybuilding, not powerlifting - that was quite heavy for me.

Muscle War 2011 - Stanley Tan

For more information about Muscle War 2011, visit

Muscle War 2011 - Ranjit Gunka

For more information about Muscle War 2011, visit

12 year old bodybuilder

My progress, I'm gonna start working on my stomach soon

Bodybuilding home pose

the best bodybuilder of 11 to 16 years.flv

Tribute to those who are for me the best young bodybuilders of 11 to 16 years from youtube. Videos taken from each channel.

birrrrrrrrrd man.flv

i found this clip on a gig tick of some random dummy


This is not what i had in mind to get up to you guys, iwanted to get a full posing vid but unfortunately due to some obstacles i cannot do that untill later next week, But all thoughout the week i will be checking in and uploading some vids on how my cutting is going, numerous tips, i will even give my meal plans, and i will touch base on what i plan on doing after this 10 week prep is up and how i will go ful steam ahead into my bulking season to prepare for the 2012 bodybuilding season. So stick around hold tight i will be coming at you with updates, pics, info, etc and a posing vid Very soon, keep the feedback coming its very motivating to me good or bad, lol feed back on my unproportional quads ( i will be spending all febuary fixing that dont worry ;)) thanks everyone until tommorow take care and keep pumpin

Trying to get into shape

Me trying to get into shape for m y b-day 40 days left! :) almost sweet sweet 16

Muscle War 2011 - Andrew Lim Sze Khew

jean marie castaing bootcamp64 vd 49 back

So young, this bicep ?! Teen motivation. HD

14 yo bodybuilder

Update 14 yo flexing :)

amateur bodybuilder posing

My first video so please don't be cruel. I'm kinda off - season right now, so my abs and overall definition isn't so well, but we r gonna work on that too. I have just finished my super pump so u can count it as a 'results' video. If u want comment some kind like 'u sucks' (and nothing else) - well, put here your own video and we will together decide who sucks asshole...

from the 'Animal Teaser 2' ( )

muscle flexing

my *progress if any :P

Just me flexing

This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

Flex in underwear Rate Comment and subscribe

Muscleboy Flexing in underwear...Rate comment and subscribe

12 14 year old flexing muslces

Enjoy the view?

Beautiful Naked Men - HD

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nice boy - flex

Jocks Licking Each Other And Making Out

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Bodybuilder Muscle Man Adorthus Cherry Bodybuilding Posing

bicepsgeil likes this one....

Monday, January 24, 2011

My Tricep Workout !

This is my Tricep workout
I do this on my 4th day of training
give it a go!

join my pages:-


Follow me on Twitter!

I am TRAINING for my WABBA level 3 in personal training & fitness instructing so AM NOT qualified yet!! this exercise works for me! but attempt at your own risk!! :)

15 yr od bodybuilder

i need to gain muscle mass plz leave a comment and tell me how

19 Year Old Bodybuilder. All Natural.

In this video: Find out how I looked like after my last video when I lost 20 pounds of fat. Rate and Subscribe.


pamping pectoral

Alan Winkler Practise Posing

Alan Winkler practise posing biceps and side chest in 2010, a few weeks before the SWFC contest. IFBB Pro Latia Del Riviero is coaching.

Perfect Body Flexing

Guy with perfect body flexing, IM NOT HIM! i found the videos in a facebook. he have 19 yo and his name is Joaquin.

Flexing and bicep kissing

Bodybuilder Tony Defino admires himself in the mirror, flexing his muscles and kissing his biceps.

Flexing Youth II

15 year old bodybuilding 1 year transformation flexing

this is my 1 year transformation...can't wait to see what comes next..i've been gettin massive gains lately but haven't gotten any pics or videos yet.

song: Raising The Bar- Chris Webby..i do not have rights to this song..he is an up and coming rapper and you should check him out!

Shirtless stud

Shirtless stud shows off his break dancing skills.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Chest Development Technique: Pre Exhaust by Tuan Tran

Chest Development
I am going to discuss what I feel is the most effective and growth promoting workout for the chest. The majority of bodybuilders and weight training enthusiasts feel that a chest workout is not considered "complete" without utilizing free-weight barbell press as their primary and core exercise. Many of these individuals also believe that strength is relative to size and are more intrigued by training their egos with heavy poundage they cannot handle instead of utilizing proper form and weight selection and actually stimulating the fibers of the chest to promote growth during recovery time.
Speaking of recovery time, it also amazes me how these selective individuals seem to have the ability to train chest two to three times per week. It makes me wonder what they consider an effective workout. Is it a workout that doesn't promote growth to the chest but makes poundage go up by small increments on a monthly or yearly basis? If this is so, you shouldn't be reading this article. This article if for those who want real chest growth, don't have an ego, and don't get pissed off when they have to sacrifice their "brute poundage" for a more efficient workout.
Stimulating The Chest
The chest workout that I will present is the current chest workout that I have found to be most effective at stimulating the chest. This workout incorporates techniques that many people don't believe in or follow due to observation. I feel that the main reason in which people will not utilize the three techniques that I will discuss is due to the fact that they are too whimsical to endure the pain that these principles are capable of inflicting on the body.
Most bodybuilders and weight trainers would rather use straight sets (which don't cause too much pain on the body), and they would also rather use their heavy poundage that they feel proud of achieving. I mean what is worse than having to drop the weight that you were capable of using and actually suffer while using it? But if you want to have a barrel sized chest with striations and veins running through it, I feel these techniques are the only way to blast the chest enough to get it to that point of growth. The 5 techniques that are used in almost all of my workouts are: pre-exhaust, triple drop sets, and also rest pause, and my two new favorites - super slow, and extreme stretching. Without these techniques I would be lost at a sub-intensity level and not achieve the feeling of accomplishment that I do with these principles.
So now with a simple background on what you will be up for lets introduce the most beneficial workout for the chest. This workout always begins on the Pec-deck fly machine. Why might you ask? Well it is only the best machine to fully isolate the chest and pre-exhaust it to its full extent. Lets paint a picture. Most people on chest day will go straight to the flat press, don't get me wrong its an excellent movement but it has downfalls.
When using the flat barbell press. When you reach failure your triceps andshoulders usually give out before you can fully blast and stimulate the chest. But with pre-exhaust your chest, and only your chest will already be stimulated before you get to the flat press. So back to the workout, my workout partner and I will usually warm up with some light sets before we start to inflict the pain. On this machine, only one working set will be preformed. With the style that it is preformed in you wont want/be able to perform another set in a similar fashion.

12 year old bodybuilder request

don't hate this was a request

17 year old natural amature bodybuilder

bench- 305
Dead lift- 455
squat- 435

19 year old - Natural Bodybuilder

Junior chilean bodybuilder Hanz Pizarro posing

Junior chilean bodybuilder Hanz Pizarro posing - Olimpia Open Chile 2009

Bodybuilders Sagi Kalev and Kevin Perod - 1

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17 yo bodybuilder (new video!) only $17 tons of posing and talking weight is 216 song is black and yellow by wiz khalifa tpain remix.

email me for cam show

New Bodybuilder Most Muscular Compilation

19 year old body builder (without taking supplements)

Playing Christian Rap and flexing on the world as I ended my workout.

Motorcyle Muscle

A mystery muscle stud poses for an admirer in jeans and a motorcycle helmet.

MostMuscular.Com -- Bodybuilder Ryan Freeman

Check my new DAILY SPECIALS ...

Teen Competitor Brent Gage HD

Teen Competitor Devon Benavidez HD

Teen Competitor Levon Munoz HD

Teen Competitor Chris Norton HD

the return of mr abbs

israeli muscle god poses

17 y/o Bodybuilder traning

for webcam shows my msn

for more inf :
Abs Arms Back Bicep Body Bodybuilding Building Chest Exercise Fitness Flex Gym Hips Muscle Muscles Out Pecs Posing Ripped Six Sports Strong Teen Thighs Train Training Workout Yoga biceps bodybuilder fbb female flexing lifting muscular muscule pack shoulders trainning triceps

Team Flex

Lifting Light weight. We can be your personal weight trainer. We can shape and mold you to hope you want to look in a time span of at least 2 months. But you have to give it your all. And your results will make you look like us.
Ronnie Colman-" Nothing But A Peanut" -AKA Mr Universe

leg squats and flexing

leg workout, no gym needed! and flex.

Ben flex

slovakmusclemen_slovak bodybuilders flex and measure muscles

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Flexing muscles for January HD


This is the progress I made for the month. I'll try and push myself harder next month.

Thanks for the comments and critiques. If anyone has some secrets or tips on bulking up faster please share.

15 year old flexing -12

137 lbs. Bench 160 max. curl 40. tricep pull down- 200. leg press 570 lbs. squat 260

12/14 year old flexing muslces

PLEASE D0N@TE TO on pay pal visit my website

trying to get enough for a new camer.for the D0N@TERS i make private videos of fitness and more stuff like that visit my website thank you!!

12 yo info
12inch arms
height 5ft5

14yo info
14.4inch arms
height 5ft7 in a half

here's his website


12/14 year old flexing muslces 12yo 13yo 14yo 15yo 16yo 17yo

Ab Flex

Alcohol and Bodybuilding HD

don't believe me? Check out what the experts have to say about alcohol as it relates to bodybuilding:

copyright 2009 llc

Street & Home Fitness + Flexing


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Gay Boys Shower

This gay video is about a gay boys shower.

12 year old bodybuilder

bodybuildrhettikraze's webcam video January 22, 2011, 08:27 AM

15 year old bodybuilder


17 year old bodybuilder

Me, 17 and 3 months, if people want to know or see more I'll make an actual video, comment or like. Thanks! - Daniel Anderson

Teen bodybuilder - max lifts and posing

If you'd like to make a donation, send me a message and I'll give you the necessary information. :)
Note: I know I didn't use perfect form in every lift, so there's no point in mentioning that. In the dumbbell shoulder press, I didn't go down lower because I have a bad left shoulder, same reason the dumbbell benchpress was no lower than paralell. I didn't go lower on the squats because I don't have a spotter. I wouldn't say I'm a powerlifter, I'm a bodybuilder 100% but I just like to know what my max lifts are.
Thanks for watching!

20 year old BodyBuilder Ripped Muscle Thank You video! HD

Thanks Ty :]

bicep training

bicep workout, natural muscles, veins, gym

Project of Thu 13 Jan 2011 05:30:48 AM PST

I created this video at featuring Alan Valdez. he is soo dayum dreamy and the muzak is soo moving to the video clip. enjoy.
al ratos

Gay Bodybuilder Muscle This gay video is about gay bodybuilder muscle.

My Abs (current state) HD

Flexing my abs so that I can remember what they looked like, looking back later on.

My current workout schedule consists in:
- 40 minutes of cardio in the morning [week days]
- 200 push-ups in the evening (50 x 4) interleaved with 100 ab crunches (50 x 2) [week days, potentially skipped on Fridays]

This allows me to eat anything I want on Friday evenings and Saturdays. I begin the cleanup process starting Sundays by doing 1 to 2 hours of cardio, and proceed as described above over the following days.

The cycle goes: eating a lot on week ends, thus stacking on fat (visibly), and shaving it off over week days. It's so efficient that by mid-week I feel back into shape already.

I have been following this regimen since April 2009 (over one and a half years at the time of writing) and it has been working like a charm so far. I get the best of both worlds: staying quite fit and always feeling good, while allowing myself to eat whatever I want, though only within a limited time frame, but every week.

flexing in blue briefs

flexing muscles

Hecto Body Newbie Flexing

Newbie guy flexing

Biceps flexing and measuring

1499 subscribers today :)

Andy Oiled And Flexing

Andy flexes his guns in this clip from one of his archived shows

Flex Friday - January 21st, 2011 HD

Sorry to those of you who are viewing this on Saturday. Had a tough week and just managed to get home in time to get this done. Hope you all have a great weekend!!

Friday, January 21, 2011


Strong as an Animal


40 Perfect Pushups by 14 Year Old HD

Hey me Joutchkov showing you guys how many pushups I can do.

After you finish watching my video Comment, Thumbs Up, Subscribe, and Checkout my Channel!

Things Included in the Video:
40 Perfect Pushups
A 14 year old progressing bodybuilder
Information on the next Progress / Flex video
Talking about pushups

German Bodybuilder

17 Jahre alt und ein Jahr training hat dies aus mir gemacht hoffe es gefällt euch danke im vorraus für kommies

16 years old Bodybuilder (4 month of training)

Funvideo Jaa und ich hab kp vom posen ;D

14 year old bodybuilder flex

14 yo body builder

Young Bodybuilder Stud.

BodyBuilder Lee Priest Pumping Up HD Lee Priest pumping up backstage at bodybuilding show for guest posing in Australia. 21 years old.

Muscle tournament bodybuilder first round results HD

The first round winners! And THE loser.

Subscribe for the second round!

Marco Addis mr. peak, extreme triceps pump before the victory at the world championship fame 2010

Natural bodybuilder Marco Addis from Italy is a model at, and this clip shows him working and flexing his incredible triceps at a show in Las Vegas just before he went on stage, extreme pump without weight, unbelievable!

Extremely hot body

My real hot flexing muscles

Chain Play HD
The hottest video yet has been added . If u like veins popping , huge muscles at work , flexing and working up a sweat , beautiful Muscle God showing off and making your day , than u need to add this video to your collection . Download link below

Or for multiple video purchase take advantage or the discount button on my blog below

19 Year Old Teen Posing


me flexing.3gp

14 bodybuilder flexing

14 year old bodybuilder flexing 1

me doing a couple of flexes

14 year old flexing (UPDATE)

NEW GOAL GET BIGGER AND MORE STRENGHT im doing heavy shit now 5 reps 5 sets awe yeah

Asian Flexing

Youtube's qualities are bad.

Flexing teen

Thursday, January 20, 2011

14 year old model

really cool model who can bench 170 and looks really good

all kind of kettlebell lifting HD

German bodybuilder Uwe Riedel posing

German bodybuilder Uwe Riedel's amazing posing routine at 2003 ALL-STARS "Show of Strength", held at FIBO 2003 (01.-04.05.2003)


14 year old bodybuilder

i am 14 years old andd weight 166lbs mostly just muscle mass right now i am trying to get definition but i just get biggger but leave coments tell me if i am pretty built or anything or if you know any workouts tell me them and ill try them

14 year old body builder

14 year old kid who can bench 170 and looks really good

13 year old bodybuilder

I'm not really that big i don't think??

Please comment.

Workout of Bodybuilder

15 year old bodybuilder

i have been working out for 4 months and im about to stop working out tell me what you think thank.

Bodybuilder junior Nuhic Amar

17yo bodybuilder (215 pounds)

Trailer for the newest video get it today

Building Muscles HD

And They Said You Can't BUild Muslces On A Vegan Diet. LOL I Will Keep Proving Them Wrong

Marco Addis of Working His Amazing Triceps

Natural bodybuilder Marco Addis from Italy is a model at, and this clip shows him working and flexing his incredible triceps at a show in Las Vegas just before he went on stage.

Biceps HD

Love Your Body Is The Only One You Got
Support "Get fit or Die Trying", send donation via to



Muscle Posing in Santa Boxers HD

Bulking up in December 2010 I made this video and forgot to post it.... Happy Holidays Everyone...
Original music composed by used with Permission Visit his channel and rate his music.

Amazing Huge Boy Biceps!!!

Young guy (me) flexing my big biceps and triceps muscles

bicep flexing